Why Choose Westrow?

7 Reasons why we're the right broker for you

What sets Westrow apart from other brokers?

  1. First and foremost we’re a Canadian broker. We have relationships with key decision-making personnel at all major and regional retailers across the country. If you want to sell it into Canada’s large and growing marketplace, we can make it happen.
  2. If it doesn’t rot, we don’t sell it. We deal only with perishable products; we have the expertise and experience necessary to handle the day-to-day situations native to perishables specifically. Other grocery brokers don’t understand the challenges faced by perishable products, but at Westrow dealing with those challenges is our specialty.
  3. We are experts in value-added goods — from potato salad in a tub to premium packaged sausages, we have extensive experience and expertise in managing value-added perishable products in each of the perimeter departments.
  4. Our team; we hire the best people, with the best relationships in the business. Each Key Account Manager is selected for their knowledge of the industry, their familiarity with the types of products we sell, and their reputation for getting the job done.
  5. Unlike most other brokerage firms, we have a tried and true retail team that leverages our relationships, work ethic and our retail audit system into your bottom line success. You get up-to-date information on the status of your products at your fingertips; we’re your eyes and ears in each store.
  6. No other brokerage can match our client portfolio. We represent many respected and high-profile brands, meaning endless possibilities for profitable cross-promotional opportunities.
  7. Our Reputation is second to none. We guarantee that we will exceed your expectations, and our roster of satisfied clients can attest to the high level of service we offer.